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25th November, 1960.


25th November

Today is November, 25th. It is not just one more simple day. On 25th November, 1960, three women, the Mirabal sisters, got killed in the Dominican Republic. They were political activists. This is the reason why the United Nations declared the 25th of November as an International Day against domestic violence.

It is considered as gender violence any damage or pain inflicted on women just because they are women.

It is estimated that one out of three women in the world has suffered from domestic violence at any time of her life.

Gender violence is not exclusive to any particular economic or political system. It can be found in all societies regardless of economy, race or culture.

Let's not promote this situation by introducing women as mere objects. Let's eliminate all the stereotypes surrounding us and let's put an end to all the inequalities existing between men and women.

Let's say NO to domestic violence and not only with words. Let's say no to it mainly with actions and not only today but everyday.


Ya no ríe, no llora, no finge, no miente …
La mujer languidece.
No es vida, el temor domina su existencia,
sólo sueña inocente que él no regresa.

Ya no es, no está, no habita, no siente …
La mujer retrocede.
No es ciudadana, la tortura doblega su resistencia,
sólo esputa horror cuando el tirano la besa.

Ya no ora, no odia, no suplica, no duele …
La mujer desaparece.
No es humana, el miedo anula su consciencia,
sólo recuerda con espanto la fatal presencia.

Ya no ve, no oye, no respira, no se mueve …
La mujer es cadáver.
No es féretro, la violencia ya cobró su presa,
sólo hiede el pavor que el maltratador deja.

José Antonio Chimeno

Poem written and read by José Antonio Chimeno Pérez.

José Antonio Chimeno Pérez is from Entrepeñas, a small village in the province of Zamora in Spain. He got a degree in Law at Salamanca University and a Master’s degree of Tax Law at ESINE. Though, nowadays, he is working for the Spanish Home Office, he has also worked as an editor mainly devoted to the promotion of poets and poetry. He is also the president of ‘El Medero’Cultural Association of Entrepeñas.
He is a potential painter and as a poet, he has taken part in several literary contests and anthologies.
He is writing his first individual work.